Changelog for Theme Partials


  • Do not inject merchant hash key in snippets


  • Fix Reorder optin widget


  • Add support for multi-variant products
  • Add support for multiple offers on the same page


  • Add support for offers that aren’t on the PDP when using Selling Plans API


  • Remove og_subscription from Subscriptions API integration


  • Update selling_plan and og_subscription in cart/add form when product variant is updated in offer


  • Add snippets/ordergroove_subscription_interface_link.liquid
  • Support offer locations when rendering ordergroove_offer snippet
  • Add subscription consent checkbox to DraftOrder API integration checkout
  • Support add to cart forms with cart/add suffix
  • Remove support for legacy offer technology
  • Update og_subscription on PDP for DraftOrder API integration
  • Preserve cart attributes during checkout
  • Do not inject selling plan more than once
  • Support default to subscription for Subscription API integration
  • Set window.og_selling_plan_id based on the current optin status
  • Set window.og_selling_plan_id if cart/add form does not exist
  • Add og_offer_ids as checkout attribute
  • Allow merchants to configure whether or not to block guest checkout for Shopify Legacy
  • Fix duplicate og_subscription line item attribute issue
  • Add support for Subscription APIs
  • Always set line-item properties for og_subcription state so that items no longer get split in the cart and re-apply the IOI state if a user closes the page and comes back later
  • Fix a bug on cart page which caused a optin/optout action to reset a previously selected quantity for that item
  • Add support for DraftOrder API Integration



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