Removing ReCharge

To try to remove ReCharge from your Shopify instance, you first need to navigate within Shopify to Apps > ReCharge Payments and utilize the Unpublish feature.

  • Click on the wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner of Shopify and select the Subscription widget option.
  • Click the Unpublish the subscription widget button, found in the upper right-hand box. 


    Note: Just to make sure, you may need to go through the code anyway, to guarantee that ReCharge has been removed. The steps for reviewing the code are found below.

  • Navigate back to Shopify, and navigate to Online Store > Themes.
  • Click the Actions dropdown button and select the Edit code option.


When viewing the code, review the following templates and make sure to either comment out or remove the following ReCharge-specific code, if found.  

  • Layout > theme.liquid
  • Templates
    • cart.liquid
    • customers/account.liquid
    • customers/login.liquid
  • Sections
    • featured-product.liquid
    • product-template.liquid
  • Snippets
    • subscription-account-login.liquid
    • subscription-cart-footer.liquid
    • subscription-product.liquid
    • subscription-theme-footer.liquid

You can then remove ReCharge completely or just cancel order processing, instructions for which can be found here.