Shopify App Overview

The Ordergroove Subscriptions app on Shopify automates the majority of the Ordergroove integration process, and allows you to quickly set up subscriptions. If you'd like to see a video walkthrough (3 minutes), please click here.

Here are some additional details on what the Ordergroove Subscriptions app automates:

Component Detail
 Product Catalog Feed  Fully Automated; configure products through Ordergroove
 Subscription Creation  Fully Automated
 Recurring Order Placement  Fully Automated
 Customer Data Updates  Fully Automated
 Customer Experience Installation  Fully Automated; additional instructions available
 Initial Order Incentive (IOI)  Managed via Ordergroove or Shopify Ruby Script
 Ordergroove in the Shopify Admin  Included

Before we begin installing Ordergroove, you should prepare your store so that you can have a quick and easy installation process.

Make sure customer accounts are optional

Shopify only allows a store to sell subscriptions if customers are able to create accounts on the store. The option for this is found in Settings > Checkout in Shopify.
By enabling this, customers can still checkout as a guest or create an account with your store if they choose to.

Duplicate your theme

We recommend duplicating the theme where you would like to install the Ordergroove customer experience. This will help you test things out before going live with your customers.