Communicating The Relaunch Of Your Subscription Program

This Article Contains The Following Sections:

Program Relaunch Overview

Relaunching your subscription program is a huge marketing opportunity. As you approach the relaunch of your subscription program, it is crucial both to reach out to your existing subscribers to alert them to any changes in the program and use the program relaunch to acquire new subscribers. 

With your program relaunch, you may have improved subscription management, updated the incentive structure, or introduced new features. The first step in marketing the relaunch is to determine what has improved and how those changes impact different cohorts of customers. You’ll want to highlight any experience or incentive changes in targeted outreach to encourage subscription retention and loyalty for existing subscribers.

Some of our clients have used a program relaunch to target canceled subscriptions by cancel reason. For example, if you introduce improved management features with the relaunch, you should highlight those changes to customers who canceled due to overstock.

Lastly, your program relaunch is a great way to market the program and acquire new subscribers. 

Below, we outline all of the key considerations for marketing your program relaunch.

Step 1: Identify the Impact of Your Relaunch 

Each relaunch of a program has different impacts on all customers, including subscribers. Here are some items to think about:

  • Will there be any changes to the structure of the subscription program? (ex. Incentives)
  • What are the benefits of the new program? 
  • When will this be available?
  • When will any changes impact the subscriber?

Step 2: Group Your Customers and Subscriber Base

Any program relaunch communication should go out to existing, active subscribers and customers, so they are aware of the program and the impact of the change. Examples include:

  • Current subscribers that will have a change to their program (management, incentive, etc.)
  • Lapsed subscribers
  • Canceled subscribers
  • Repeat customers that have not subscribed
  • All other customers that have purchased online 

Step 3: Decide on What to Communicate

Based on the groups, you should decide if and how much to communicate. Below are a few examples of communication that can be sent:

  • Announcement of a new program coming (ex. Coming Soon! Or Stay Tuned!)
  • Announcement of new program launch 
  • Follow up on new program launch

Step 4: Create Your Communication 

Each of the customer groups established in your prior steps here should receive a separate email highlighting the program's relaunch, impact, and benefits. 

Step 5: Schedule Your Communicate & Announce It

  • Announcement of the new program coming soon
    • We recommend no sooner than 2 weeks before launch.
  • Announcement of new program launch
    • For current subscribers – We recommend the day of launch
    • For canceled subscribers, repeat customers, all other customers – We recommended 1 to 2 weeks after relaunch
  • Follow up on new program launch
    • We recommended 2 to 3 weeks after the initial launch communication