BigCommerce Integration App Overview

When integrating your subscription program with BigCommerce, it is important to first review our integration guide and understand how best to do so. By integrating BigCommerce with Ordergroove, you'll be able to host your own consumer experience or use Ordergroove-hosted offers to provide the best possible subscription experience for your customers. 

To view the integration guide for Ordergroove's integration with BigCommerce, click here.

BigCommerce Platform Overview

  • Hosted SaaS platform.
  • Uses an app marketplace.
  • It can be modified via APIs but cannot directly touch the code.
  • Extra features require scripts OR apps that are built and hosted.
  • Does NOT have a staging environment: merchants typically use 2 stores and try to replicate their ecosystems.

BigCommerce App Details

High-Level View

  • Our app integrates with the merchant’s BigCommerce store.
  • Merchants can use Ordergroove along with the app.
  • Our apps allow a merchant to host their own consumer experience or use Ordergroove hosted offers.
  • The app automates the backend, including the Product Feed, Purchase POST, Order Placement, and Customer Updates.
  • Merchants need to implement their offers and Subscription Manager on their own.
  • Application of an IOI is available via the app (flat percentage off), but merchants still need to build the consumer experience for it.

Additional Details

  • Ordergroove needs to create an instance of the app for each merchant's store; typically, this means 1 STG and 1 PROD instance.
  • BigCommerce stores must be using a real payment gateway when testing out the integration, as the native BC Test Payment Gateway does not work with our integration.
  • Apps need to be installed by the store owner; they will need to create a draft app (like a shell) and then install our app into the draft.
  • BigCommerce does not allow the stacking of discounts/coupons.
  • The BigCommerce Promotion Engine v3 breaks our implementation of IOI: in this version, if a product has a price lower than its original price, BigCommerce assumes there was a coupon applied and does not allow consumers to apply more discounts.
    • To remedy this, clients must ask BigCommerce to enable “the ability to apply discounts to custom priced items.”
  • When applying free shipping, coupons also come into play — Ordergroove needs to send a flag in the Order XML to let the app know to apply free shipping on a consumer’s recurring order.
    • This is done via a coupon code that the app creates dynamically for the consumer at Order Placement.