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Customer Accounts & Service FAQ

This Article Contains The Following Questions:

Q:  Does Ordergroove perform address validation (AVS) on addresses in the customer service dashboard?

Currently, Ordergroove does not perform AVS.

Q:  Why can’t our customer service team use the Customer Service Dashboard to create new subscriptions, add new payment methods, etc?

Likely the user either does not have an Ordergroove account, or CSA permissions have not been activated as a “Global Setting” in the Ordergroove Merchant Settings.  This CSA setting can be circumvented, but the individual user will need to give access on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, if Ordergroove is not hosting your payment, credit card information cannot be entered within Ordergroove for tokenization; instead, you must perform this action with your eCommerce platform, typically using a “login on behalf of” tool. If a customer already has a tokenized payment instrument, you may be able to enter the token ID within Ordergroove to create a subscription on behalf of the customer.

Q:  What do I do if a customer returns their order?

This is a customer support issue downstream of Ordergroove. If a customer returns an order it should be handled in the same manner you would process a return for a non-subscription order.