Curation: Running a Rotating Box or Club

Creating this experience will require work from the client's development team or their technology partners and is expected to be self-serve. The details of which are outlined in this article.

If the client requires technical support from the Ordergroove team then any hours used will be applied towards the available service hours within the client's agreement. If not enough service hours are available then you may purchase additional hours by contacting Ordergroove.

Additionally, if you'd like to discuss possible customizations to this experience as outlined below please contact Ordergroove for a consultation.


  • Merchants can run a curated box or club program using Ordergroove’s platform
  • Merchant rotates the products each customer is receiving to provide a surprise-and-delight experience
  • Two integration options are available
Areas Impacted
  • Subscription Creation
  • Order Placement
  • REST APIs (optional)
Out of Scope of Solution
  • Limiting actions in the Subscription Management Interface (e.g. limiting quantity or frequency of curated subscriptions)
  • Order XML modifications
  • Different endpoint for curation subscription and standard subscription orders
  • Messaging club components in transactional emails
  • Customer-curated box
  • Ordergroove storing/maintaining business logic around how boxes get personalized
  • Restricting orders to place only on a specific day of week, month, quarter, or other specific timeframe
  • Merchant must maintain the calendar or schedule that rotates the box/club from one set of SKU(s) to the next

Resources Required


 Client/Systems Integrator

  • [S] Create a new SKU that represents the box or club

Option 1

  • [M] Map the box/club SKU to the fulfillable SKUs after the recurring order has been created by Ordergroove

Option 2

  • [L] Use Ordergroove's REST APIs to update the fulfillable component SKUs before the recurring order is created by Ordergroove


How To Set It Up

🚚 Moving to Dev Docs

Technical documentation is now hosted in our Developer Documentation. These instructions have already migrated; check it out there. The Knowledge Center version will be retired on April 29th, 2024.

Platform: There are two separate methods to add curation to your store, but Ordergroove cannot send custom components to all eCommerce platforms. For merchants on BigCommerce, you must use the first method - Rotate The Product Downstream

  1. Rotate The Product Downstream of Ordergroove
    This is the simplest integration with the Ordergroove platform. Merchants create a SKU to represent the box or club (e.g. BEAUTYBOX), and Ordergroove will pass that same SKU back to the e-commerce platform for each recurring order.
    From there, the merchant can map that SKU to the fulfillable components for each order (e.g. LIPS1, EYES2, FOUNDATION3, etc.).
    This mapping can take place within the e-commerce platform, OMS, or warehouse.

  2. Rotate The Products Using Ordergroove Subscription Components
    This integration option allows you to store the box/club components directly within Ordergroove using the components array on the subscription model. In this scenario, Ordergroove will explicitly pass the fulfillable component SKUs (e.g. LIPS1, EYES2, FOUNDATION3, etc.) when creating the recurring order in the eCommerce platform.
    The merchant is then responsible for rotating the subscription components by using Ordergroove’s REST APIs prior to the next order.
    This data model can allow customers to select their own
    unique components for their box.