Digital Memberships: Create VIP customers

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What is a Digital Membership?

Digital memberships are the ability to offer customers access to specific services or benefits through a subscription model. 


Why are Digital Memberships beneficial?

Memberships help you create a group of hyper-loyal customers, while providing them a differentiated experience with your brand. Memberships provide additional streams for high-margin revenue through subscriptions and help improve customer lifetime value.

How does Ordergroove enable Digital Memberships?

Ordergroove provides merchants the ability to enable memberships through the directions below.



Creating this experience will require work from the client's development team or their technology partners and is expected to be self-serve.

If the client requires technical support from the Ordergroove team then any hours used will be applied towards the available service hours within the client's agreement. If not enough service hours are available then you may purchase additional hours by contacting Ordergroove.

Additionally, if you'd like to discuss possible customizations to this experience as outlined below please contact Ordergroove for a consultation.


Technical Overview

Functional Summary
  • Merchants can run a paid membership using Ordergroove’s platform
  • Memberships typically provide customers with access to benefits like premium content, sample boxes, early release products, discounted pricing, free shipping, and more
Areas Impacted
  • Subscription Creation
  • Order Placement
  • Subscription Manager
  • Prorating a membership charge for mid-cycle changes or cancelations
  • Order XML modifications
  • SKU-specific membership messaging in transactional emails
  • Merchant must use Ordergroove to hide the change date, send now, change frequency, and change quantity buttons for the entire Subscription Manager (doing this on a SKU-specific basis requires custom work)

Resources Required


 Client/Systems Integrator

  • [S] Create a new SKU that represents the membership program
  • [L] Move customers in and out of the membership group based on the recurring orders placed by Ordergroove
  • [M-L] Provision the benefits of the membership program
  • [S] Front end developer to constrain actions in the advanced editor of the Subscription Manager for membership subscription orders


How To Set Up Digital Memberships

For additional details and setup instructions, take a look at Digital Memberships and VIP Customers in our Developer Documentation.