Product Configuration and Frequencies

A subscription frequency is how often a customer receives your product. In this article we'll go into more detail on what frequencies are and where they're visible to customers.


What Are Frequencies? 

Frequencies are date ranges that customers can select to have their subscription product sent to them on a recurring cadence. Based on your program, you can give the customer the option to select a day, week, or month interval when opting into a subscription. Frequency ranges are program-wide so that all products will have the same frequency options. 

You can configure products to display specific frequencies on page load based on product usage. For example, if you have two different sizes of a product, each variation can show a different suggested subscription frequency on page load. Setting product-specific frequencies by SKU will help your customers choose the right frequency for their subscription product and avoid cancellation due to overstock.

The frequency a customer selects will be used to generate order placement dates for their recurring orders. Ordergroove frequencies are based on true calendar months, meaning that selecting two months will take into account if a month has less than 31 days when generating the next order placement date. Program frequencies can be configured for display within Ordergroove.

Where Do Frequencies Appear For Customers?

Frequencies will appear in three main locations for a customer. Two of these locations allow the customer to manage or change when their subscription will be delivered.

  • Subscription Manager
    The selected frequency a customer has opted into will appear at the subscription level within their Subscription Manager. Within the Subscription Manager, customers can change their subscription frequency based on your program-wide frequencies. So if you offer 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-week frequencies, the customer can change from a two-week to a three-week frequency.
    To learn more about configuring the Subscription Manager, click here

    NOTE: If the Subscription Manager frequencies do not match the frequencies available in your enrollment offer, the customer may see a blank frequency selected on their Subscription Manager. The customer’s order placement will continue uninterrupted at their frequency, but they will see a blank frequency when they view the subscription in the Subscription Manager. That frequency will remain blank until the customer changes to one of our enrollment subscription frequencies. When conducting a Subscription Import, it is important to ensure the imported frequencies match what you have configured on the Subscription Manager to avoid customer confusion.  
  • Enrollment Offer
    On your enrollment offer, you have the option to configure and display a frequency dropdown menu. Customers will have the ability to use the dropdown to choose a frequency for their subscription. About 50% of customers select the frequency which displays on page load. To learn more about configuring your enrollment, click here.
  • Transactional Emails
    The final place a customer will be presented with subscription frequencies is transactional emails (if configured). Displaying a frequency is recommended within transactional emails for customer awareness. Unlike the other locations, the customers will not be able to interact with the frequency as it will be a static field based on their previous selection. To learn more about configuring your transactional emails, click here

Product Specific Default Frequency

The default frequency is the frequency customer sees when they first select a subscription for a particular product.
A standard range of frequencies can be set across all products. You will configure this within Ordergroove.

Default To Subscription By Product

This setting opts your customers into a subscription by default when adding that product to their cart.
You will set the product configuration within Ordergroove as well as making any changes to the storefront to make it clear to the customer that they have defaulted to a subscription.

Configuring Your Products & Setting Your Subscription Frequencies