Ordergroove Feature Descriptions

Ordergroove comes with everything you need to run a successful subscription business right out of the box. No two businesses are quite the same, so our platform offers additional flexibility to serve the needs of a wide variety of program requirements.

This short guide goes through the services covered in our standard installations, what features can be added in during onboarding, and what services require custom development work on your end.

All features offered fall under one of three umbrellas:

Feature Set



Everything you need to run a subscription business. All features and services described within this section are included in all Ordergroove installations, subject to any eCommerce platform availability limitations.

Take a look at your eCommerce platform:


The features and services described within this section are outside of a standard Ordergroove installation.

All advanced features should be discussed during scoping and kickoff calls. If added later, these features can add additional scope and timeline.

Custom Creating these experiences will require effort from your development team or your technology partners and is expected to be self-serve. The details of each experience are outlined below and in the corresponding articles.


If you have any questions about features or project scope, please fill out our contact form or reach out to your support representative, and we’ll be happy to help.