Security & Frontend Content FAQ

This Article Contains The Following Questions:

Q: Is Ordergroove hosted content ADA compliant?

We aim to ensure all of our default front-end content meets the standards of WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance. However, we can not make any claims or guarantees about ongoing compliance if changes are introduced by the client. Additionally, official and formal compliance with any ADA laws and regulations is ultimately the responsibility of the client.

Q: Does Ordergroove have to host my front-end content?

It’s not a necessity, but having Ordergroove host your frontend content avoids additional development work for you and your team and increases the speed to launch. Additionally, it enables Ordergroove to perform tests on subscription conversion and retention based on the data we collect from this content.

More information can be found in our custom experiences clients can build section.

Q: What are the load times for the Ordergroove front-end widget?

Widget load times typically average less than 100ms from the moment Ordergroove scripts are called to the time offer content populates.

Q: Can we use our own A/B testing tool for A/B test offers?

This is possible to a limited degree, as in mobile versus desktop tests. Ordergroove would set up a new offer and provide a corresponding tag. You would be responsible for subsequent test actions and result in calculations.

If Ordergroove hosts your front-end content, we can conduct A/B testing on your behalf, which is our recommended recourse for testing. Ordergroove creates two (or more) separate offer profiles, and our algorithm serves them based on the parameters we set. We then provide reporting around order conversion.

Customers are assigned randomly to one of the test groups in an A/B test and cannot be assigned directly to a specific offer.

Q: Can Enrollment, Instant Upsell, or Subscription Manager Actions Be Injected Into emails?

Currently, this is not a feature that Ordergroove offers out of the box. However, if you wish, you can explore build a custom experience yourself that can include these commands in your emails via Ordergroove's APIs.

More information can be found in our developer portal.

Q: How does the authentication page work?

The authentication page is called for logged-in customers from any page containing the Ordergroove msi.js or main.js scripts. When the authentication page loads, the merchant’s eCommerce site sets the og_auth cookie. Ordergroove’s JavaScript retrieves this cookie and compares it to the value generated on Ordergroove’s backend.
If the cookie value matches and has a valid timestamp within the last two hours, Ordergroove will display the customer’s Subscription Manager and Instant Upsell offers containing information about the customer’s next upcoming subscription order.

Q: Why can't I access the SFTP?

In order to gain access to Ordergroove’s SFTP, you will first need to provide your Company IP address to the allowlist during your account provisioning process.

Note: Ordergroove cannot add personal computer IP addresses to the allowed IP list.

To troubleshoot your SFTP connection, use the following steps.

  • Connect to your company VPN or office network associated with the IP address you have provided to Ordergroove.
  • Use an FTP client such as Cyberduck or Filezilla to ensure you can connect locally before attempting to set up automated connections from servers.
  • Check internally to see if additional IP addresses need to be added to the allowlist. If you need additional IP addresses added, please submit them in a support ticket.
  • If you have copied and pasted the username or password, ensure you have not copied any spaces.
    • If the credentials were sent in a Word document, be sure to open the file in Word. Often the characters will not render their true values if opened in another application.
  • Ensure you have configured the correct SFTP endpoints and account information for staging vs. production, and are connecting over port 22.
    • Shopify merchants will only use Ordergroove’s Production SFTP

If you are still having trouble accessing your SFTP, open a Support Ticket to ensure your credentials are correct. Do not share your SFTP login credentials in plain text, only via a password-protected document. If your credentials are not securely transferred, Ordergroove will have to generate new credentials.