Launch Day Checklist

The below information will give you a high-level overview of the actions and QA checks you will need to complete before launching your program.

Please note that the list below is a general checklist. Your eCommerce platform, your program's scope, and any customizations made within it may require additional actions and QA checks that are not listed below. Please make sure to work closely with your technology partners and Ordergroove representative for additional assistance.

Push To Production

On the day of launch, you will need to push all code changes related to the Ordergroove integration to your production environment.

You will also need to make the following admin configuration changes:

  • Configure Merchant Public Id (same as staging) in production environment
  • Configure Merchant Hash Key (different from staging) in production environment
  • Configure all Ordergroove Settings for Production
  • Merchandize all products for the program
    • Autoship Eligibility attribute (if not using Ordergroove config file)
    • Instant Upsell attribute (if applicable and if not using Ordergroove config file)
    • Product-specific default frequencies (if applicable and if not using product config file)

Domains + URLs




Front-end script tags

Subscription creation

API endpoints<web_service>/<function><service>/<function>

SFTP Drop-Off




Day of Launch Checklist

Product Feed:

  • Send production XML product feed to Ordergroove’s production SFTP
  • Ordergroove will automatically ingest the feed within 30 minutes of it being dropped
  • If applicable, download the product config file to complete product settings

Front-End Offers:

  • Check that offers show up correctly in all locations in your production environment
  • Toggle between one-time and subscription options
  • Change subscription frequency
  • Test eligible and non-eligible pages
  • Confirm subscription opt-in selection sticks between pages

Subscription Creation

  • Create a subscription via the checkout flow in your production environment
  • Make sure the subscription gets created, and you can see it in the Subscription Manager and Ordergroove UI
  • Make sure that the next order date is created for that subscription item

Subscription Manager:

  • Test the Subscription Manager no subscriptions view
  • Make sure the subscription and next order info shows up in the Subscription Manager
  • Test the Change Date, Skip Now, Quantity Change, Frequency Change, and other updates in the Subscription Manager

Instant Upsell: (If Applicable)

  • While logged in, navigate to the Product Detail Page and check that the Instant Upsell offer is displayed
  • Continue through the Instant Upsell flow and verify that the item shows up in the Subscription Manager

Order Placement: 

  • Click 'Send now' on your production subscription item
  • Ordergroove will place that order to the endpoint you’ve provided within one hour
  • Confirm that you received the order into your platform
  • Attempt an order with bad payment information
  • Ordergroove will place a recurring order that is expected to fail within one hour
  • Make sure that Ordergroove gets the correct error response to that order
  • You can see the response for test order in the Ordergroove placement logs


  • Confirm that you receive a subscription started email
  • Confirm that you receive an order confirmation email for the initial order from your platform
  • Confirm that you receive a shipping confirmation email after order placement testing from your platform
  • Cancel the subscription in the Subscription Manager and make sure you receive a subscription canceled email
  • Reactivate the subscription in the Subscription Manager and make sure you receive a subscription reactivated email

Customer Update API

  • Change your customer email address in the My Account section and check that it is updated in Ordergroove
  • NOTE: wait to do this until after you have received all test emails

Payment Update API: (If Applicable)

  • Change to a new default card in the payment section in My Account
  • Check that a new token ID and cc exp date show up in Ordergroove and are applied to all subscriptions

Clean Up Your Test Data:

  • Cancel all initial and recurring test orders (if desired)
  • Mark your subscription(s) as inactive (if desired)