A Tour of Ordergroove

In this quick overview, we'll go through Ordergroove's main toolbar and what each page does. For a detailed description, take a look at the links in the table below.


Video Walkthrough

Primary and Secondary Navigation

The following table matches the same layout order as your Ordergroove admin, and the screenshot above.
Please reference the tab/page in the left column and what it's used for in the right column.

Primary Page


What's It For?




Tools for you to manage the look and feel of your subscription opt-in offer (subscription enrollment).

>>Information on Subscription Enrollment


Program incentives that impact all eligible subscription products and can be configured without backend development:

  1. Subscription Discounts: % or $ discounts for recurring subscription items based on item or order total. Optional price threshold.

  2. Free Shipping: Free shipping on subscription orders, including optional free shipping threshold.

  3. Best Deal Guarantee: Configurable lookback window gives subscribers the lowest product price in a defined day range.

>>Information on Promotions

Subscription Manager

Tools for you to manage the look and feel of your Subscription Manager.

>>Information on The Subscription Manager


Tools for you to design, style, and manage the transactional emails that your subscription program will send to your customers after taking various actions on their subscriptions.  

>>Information on Transactional Emails

Instant Upsell

Tools for you to manage the look and feel of your Instant Upsell offer.  

>>Information on Instant Upsell (IU)


A page for you to edit and configure various settings for your subscriptions.

>>Information on Subscription Settings



On this page, you can view your program KPI's such as total subscribers, revenue, subscriber retention rate, enrollment conversion %, and average order value. You can also drill down into these metrics to look at different timeframes. 

Additionally, there are tools for you to export data reports on demand with various options for date range and status.

  1. Subscription CSV: New subscriptions created in a specified timeframe.

  2. Order CSV: Order data.

  3. Inventory Report: Order items in upcoming (unsent) orders.

  4. Subscriptions Cancelled CSV: Canceled subscriptions in a selected timeframe.

>>Information on Our Analytics and Data Exports

Anticipate AI

Optimize your subscription performance using Ordergroove's AI tools.


A helpful page for your CSA team. Here you can access and search for your subscription customer records, view their purchase activity/history, edit their subscriptions, and create new ones.

>>Information on Customer Service Guide

Customer Merge

A tool used to merge two customer records into one. Customers will commonly request to merge duplicate accounts where they signed up using different email addresses or different spellings of their name.


In this section, you can manage various product configurations, including product subscription eligibility, incentive groups, and product discontinuations.

>>Information on Managing Your Products

Order Logs

The Order Placement tool provides a mechanism for viewing order placement request and response XMLs. You can also view details of the exact information transferred between Ordergroove and your eCommerce platform.

>>Information On The Order Placement Tool




Credit Card Validation

In this section, you can manage some advanced settings related to your subscription program, such as order placement, shipping, credit card retry/refresh, and subscription creation validation. You must review these changes carefully before saving as they control critical functions.

>>Information on Order Placement Settings

Order Placement



Add new functionality to your subscription program with Third Party Integrations.

Customer Removal

Search for and select customer data you want to delete.




API Keys

Generate and manage up to 10 API keys to build out Ordergroove's functionality.

Webhooks Create and manage webhooks to connect other apps and platforms to Ordergroove.
HMAC Generator

Generate and manage your HMAC signiture, used for authorization.


Run test migrations of your CSV spreadsheets, eliminate errors, then import in your data.


Link to Ordergroove’s technical information repository containing integration guides and documentation relating to APIs, scripts, queries, and more.

>>Developer Portal



System Tools



My Account

Manage the name on your account and change your password.


Registry for all of the users who can access the client’s Ordergroove admin. Includes the ability for users to activate and deactivate users. Adding new users or deleting existing users needs to be done via Ordergroove support.


Connects to Ordergroove’s Knowledge Center (you are here now) containing an extensive database of articles relating to integration items, Ordergroove, FAQs, common issues and solutions, upcoming release notes, etc.