Ordergroove Admin

The Ordergroove Admin, usually just referred to as Ordergroove, is your all-in-one solution for building a profitable recurring revenue business. You’ll be using Ordergroove's platform to enable, design, configure, and ultimately launch your relationship commerce. 

More specifically, you can accomplish the following actions within Ordergroove as part of launching and managing your ongoing program:

  • Configure and manage your product feed.
  • Create and manage your promotions.
  • Design and configure your subscription enrollment offers, the Ordergroove Subscription Manager, and transactional emails.
  • Manage your own customer's subscriptions.
  • Configure other program options and utilize various system tools.


    On this page, you can view your program KPI's such as total subscribers, revenue, subscriber retention rate, enrollment conversion %, and average order value. You can also drill down into these metrics to look at different timeframes. Additionally, there are tools for you to export data reports on demand with various options for date range and status.
    • Subscription CVS: New subscriptions created in a specified timeframe
    • Subscriptions Canceled CSV: Canceled subscriptions in a selected timeframe.
    • Order CVS: Order data
    • Inventory Report: Order items in upcoming (unsent) order

    On this page,  you can view the list of customers associated with your subscription program.
    • Search
    The various customer pages, tools, and visuals that your customers can experience through your work in Ordergroove, including the Subscription Manager.
    • Emails
    • Enrollment
    • Promotions
    • Upsell
    • Management
    • Subscription Settings

    Your catalog of product offerings to your customers.
    • Configure

    The backend settings behind your subscription system, such as shipping rate programming and the systems for validating payment methods. 
    • Order Placement
    • Shipping
    • Credit Card Validation
    • Subscription Validation

    The details for automated webhook connections between Ordergroove and third-party integrations.

    The specific users of the Ordergroove platform and their current user status.

  • HELP
    Read through the Ordergroove Knowledge Center, the source of truth for all questions you may have about the Ordergroove platform.

    Read through our developer API documentation to learn about Ordergroove endpoints and data, to build or change integrations that add further functionality to your Ordergroove experience.

    Your account information as an Ordergroove customer. This is where you can change your account information, including your name and password information.