Using The HMAC Signature Tool

Ordergroove authentication relies on an HMAC hash of a concatenated customer ID and Unix timestamp. The output of these values is a unique signature used for authentication on API requests for the Subscriber Dashboard display.

The HMAC Generator tool contains a form with which you can create a valid HMAC signature. This tool is most often helpful to confirm that your integration is correctly generating the signature that Ordergroove is anticipating.

You’ll find this utility within Ordergroove under Developers > HMAC Generator.

Using The Tool

In the Unique Identifier field, enter the customer ID from your e-commerce platform. If no hash key is entered, Ordergroove will use the merchant-level hash key configured for your account in the Ordergroove environment in which you are using the utility.

Finally, the timestamp will automatically generate with the current 10-digit Unix timestamp but can be updated to match the one used in your test request. 

When using an HMAC signature for API requests and setting the og_auth cookie, Ordergroove requires that the timestamp is within the last two hours.




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