Cookies FAQ

⚠️ Warning

The information in this article is related to pre-2020 offers and integrations and may not be relevant for customers who started their Ordergroove program after that date.

Q: What does each cookie do?

  • og_autoship: Contains a boolean value of or 1.  Its value is read to determine whether or not a customer has subscription-enabled products in their cart and is used as the basis for disabling additional payment methods on checkout and blocking guest checkout when at least one subscription-enabled is in the cart.  It can also be used to determine If any initial order-level incentives, such as free shipping, should be applied.
  • og_cart_autoship: Stores an array of JSON objects that have been opted-in for subscription in the customer cart with the customer’s selected order frequency for each product, along with a coupon code that you can reference to apply item-level subscription incentives.  
  • og_session_id:  Uniquely identifies the customer for subscription cart tracking.  
  • og_auth: Authenticates a customer and loads their My Subscriptions Interface (MSI) and Instant Upsell (IU) offers.  Created using the customer’s unique account number in your system, a timestamp, and an Ordergroove-provided cryptographic key form HMAC authentication. This cookie is generated by the merchant and not OG.
  • og_impulse: Set after user authentication; passes the customer’s next order date from Orgergroove’s backend to the frontend to provide the next order date value to Instant Upsell offers.
  • og_iu_exp_30:  Displays the IU Explanation Popup on PDP and Quick View/Category pages to inform the customer how Instant Upsell works.  The customer must be logged in, impulse_upsell must be set to true, and the cookie not previously set.

Q. How many cookies does Ordergroove’s javascript set?

Ordergroove sets five cookies:

  • og_autoship
  • og_cart_autoship
  • og_session_id
  • og_impulse
  • og_iu_exp_30

Q: Is the session_id value unique?

Yes, it is. Ordergroove sets a unique og_session_id cookie on the customer’s browser when they first visit a page tagged with Ordergroove’s main.js script, then uses this cookie to track a hidden subscription cart as the customer moves through the checkout process.

Q: If a customer clears their cookies or blocks cookies, how does that impact subscription functionality (sign-up and management)? 

We recommend advising your customers to enable cookies on their browser, as a variety of issues will result from disabling cookies:

  • The og_autoship cookie is required for successful subscription creation; blocking this cookie effectively blocks the user’s ability to create product subscriptions.
  • Blocking og_cart_autoship will disable initial order incentives.
  • The og_session_id cookie is a critical component that will likewise prevent successful subscription creation if blocked.
  • The absence of the og_auth cookie will prevent MSI and InstantUpsell authentication, thus preventing MSI/IU offers from loading.
  • Disabling the og_impulse cookie will cause Instant Upsell to load improperly.
  • The og_iu_exp_30 cookie’s value signals that the customer has already been served the Instant Upsell Explanation popup; the absence of this cookie would force the display of this popup on the PDP and Quick View/Category pages each visit.

These cookies can all be safely cleared post-checkout/browser close with the exception of the og_session_id cookie, which should persist for A/B testing.

Q: What is the life of each cookie? How and when do they get deleted?

  • og_autoship: This cookie is set when a customer adds a product to their shopping cart.  It will reset when the checkout is completed.
  • og_cart_autoship: This cookie is set when a customer adds a product to their shopping cart.  It should be manually deleted when the customer completes the checkout.
  • og_session_id: This cookie will persist for 20 years unless deleted and is required to enable A/B testing.
  • og_auth: This cookie authenticates a customer for 2 hours, after which time it is expired and will require a timestamp update; it should be deleted upon customer sign-out.  
  • og_impulse: This cookie is only set if the customer is logged in and has an upcoming subscription order.  It should be deleted upon customer sign-out.
  • og_iu_exp_30: This cookie will reset automatically after 30 days unless manually deleted to force the display of the IU Explanation Popup.

Q: How can I determine which items have been opted into subscription in order to apply an initial order discount?

The og_cart_autoship cookie will contain an array of all the products that the customer has selected for the subscription. Ordergroove also has JS event listeners in place so you can perform whatever action you like upon subscription opt-in.