Program Transactional Email FAQ

Q: Can subscription transactional emails be sent via my Email Service Provider?

By default, subscription transactional emails are configured and sent through Ordergroove’s integration with SendGrid.

It is possible for us to integrate with other email service providers (ESPs) through custom development, but it is not included in out-of-the-box self serve Ordergroove functionality. If you're interested in this, please reach out to sales. 

Q: From what email address will my transactional emails be sent?

The default sender domain for emails is the following name and address:

  • Sent From: Merchant Name
  • Email: via, or you can fill in an email to this field in the Ordergroove Emails section. 
  • "Merchant Name" in both the sent from and email field will be automatically changed to the name of the actual merchant.

Q: What types of emails does Ordergroove send?

>>Program Transactional Emails

Q: How do I style the emails and change the copy?

>>Styling & Editing Your Subscription Emails


Q: Why aren't my product images loading in Ordergroove-hosted content?

You have synced your product feed with Ordergroove, but product images are not rendering on Ordergroove-hosted content — now what?

  • If leveraging a new environment, check that URLs are set up within your eCommerce platform.
  • Sync a Product Feed to Ordergroove, and check the outgoing folder of the SFTP to view the <image_url> exported within the Product Feed.
    • Note: OG processes product feeds every 30 minutes. This process begins on the half-hour across our clients; please allow up to 30 minutes regardless of the time you provide the file.
  • Ensure that the product images are HTTPS
  • Ensure you do not have any spaces inside your URL structure.
    • If you have spaces, you will need to remove the space from the image URL.
  • When navigating between environments, ensure you are exporting the correct Product Feed data to OG.
  • If you have updated an image URL, and you noticed it has not updated on Ordergroove’s database:
    • The Product Feed ingestion may not have run on OG’s database.
    • You may need to sync your Product Feed from your eCommerce platform manually.

Q: Why are my emails going to spam?

If a large percentage of your emails go to spam, it might be a DNS issue. Issues with your domain can cause emails to appear spam-like, and then get flagged before they hit your customer's inbox. 

Reach out to Ordergroove support, and we'll take a look.

Video tutorial 

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