How Do Credit Card Retries Work?


Ordergroove will retry all payment requests that return a 140 error response a set number of times based on your store settings. The first retry will take place 3 days after the initial attempt, and the last retry will take place 3 days after the first retry attempt. The customer will receive an email trigger to update their payment method between attempts (pending setup in Ordergroove). You must ensure the 140 response is correctly mapped for your order placement endpoint.  If all retries fail or the customer clicks send now for the same item(s), the original order is marked as rejected. 

If you do not want an order to be retried with this flow, you will need to use the 160 error response which indicates no retries should be attempted.

Note: Ordergroove will not cancel the customer's subscription after repeated rejections.

Please refer to the detailed flowchart below for additional context.




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