Subscriptions Canceled Report


The Subscriptions Canceled report sets up .csv downloadable files with line-item detail for all cancelled subscriptions in a selected timeframe. 


Clicking the Generate button will produce a small confirmation box in the bottom-right corner of your screen, verifying that the .csv request has been received and is being generated.

You should then receive an email with a link to your Ordergroove Admin, where you will be redirected to a page that has your file ready for download. Click the Download button to download the file to your computer.

The example request pictured above would generate a .csv file for all subscriptions canceled for the day of March 11, 2022.

Subscription Cancelled CSV Contents

The Subscriptions Canceled CSV file contains a row for each canceled subscription, with numerous data points per canceled subscription. 

  • Merchant: Your company’s name.
  • User ID: Subscriber ID in the Ordergroove system.
  • Merchant User ID: Subscriber ID in both your system and the Ordergroove system (for use when searching for subscribers in the Customers section of Ordergroove)
  • Create Date: Date of subscription creation.
  • Create Time: Subscription creation timestamp.
  • Start Date: If the subscription was imported from another system, it will display the original subscription creation date in that system. Otherwise, it will match the date of subscription creation in the current (OrderGroove) system.
  • Customer Status: Denotes if the customer has an existing subscription in your program (Existing) or is a new subscriber to the program (New).
  • Subscription ID: Unique ID for the subscription in your program
  • Offer ID: The specific offer that the subscription was created through.  This will tie to the location/offer presented at the time of opt-in(Product Page, Shopping Cart, etc.). Contact Support for more details.
  • Merchant Order ID: Order ID in your system under which the initial subscription order was placed.
  • Guest Checkout: Whether or not the customer completed checkout as a guest. Since Ordergroove does not support subscription checkouts for guests, this would only apply to subscriptions from other systems.
  • Email Address: Subscriber’s email.
  • First Name: Subscriber’s first name.
  • Last Name: Subscriber’s last name.
  • Product: Name of the product subscribed to.
  • Product ID: ID in the Ordergroove system for the subscription product.
  • SKU: ID in your system for the subscription product.
  • Frequency: Customer-selected number of days between recurring orders of the subscription product.
  • Reminder: Number of days before shipment that subscription notification will be sent.
  • Status: Denotes if the subscription is still live (active) or has been canceled (inactive).
  • Quantity: Number of units of the product that will be ordered for the subscription.
  • Price: Unit price of the subscription product.
  • Discount Price: Unit price of the subscription product after all incentive discounts have been applied.
  • 24 Hour Cancel: Denotes if a subscription was canceled within 24 hours of creation.
    • Y = Yes
    • N = No 
  • Cancel Date: If the Status is Inactive, this field will show the date the Subscription was canceled.
  • Cancel Reason: Specified reason for subscription cancellation. This list displays at the time of cancellation within the Subscription Manager and CSA; to view the full list of cancel reason codes click here
  • Orders Placed: Number of successful recurring orders.
  • Last Order Date: Most recent date of a successful recurring order.

A subscriber who chose to reactivate their subscription would not appear in subsequent Subscriptions Canceled CSV reports, as their subscription status will have changed.