Subscription Enrollment & Instant Upsell FAQ

Note: The information in this article is related to pre-2020 offers and integrations and may not be relevant for customers who started their Ordergroove program after that date. 

This Article Contains The Following Issues:

Q: Why isn’t the subscription widget loading?

Failure to load the subscription widget can usually be traced to a few root causes — missing and/or improper tagging, product ineligibility in the database, expired and/or incompatible cookies and browser cache, and issues relating to product variant selection.

If you’re experiencing this problem, check through the following to verify that your widget is up-to-specification:

  • Tagging Issues
    • Some required tags may simply be missing from the page. Inspect your rendered page elements to verify that all the tags required by the integration guide are present.
    • Page tagging may be out of order. It should flow through the following order of operations:
        1. “og-offer” <div> tag 
        2. “og_settings” <script> tag 
        3. main.js <script> tag 
        4. JavaScript function calls, e.g. OG.setProduct() 
    • Your “data-og-module” may be improperly tagged for its location, e.g. “qv” instead of “pdp” for PDP.  Refer to the integration guide for specifications.
    • Your “data-og-product” may be tagged incorrectly. Make sure that it’s tagged according to the following guidelines:
      • On PDP, QuickView, or other pre-shopping cart pages with multi-variant product selection, ”data-og-product” should be tagged with “*”; after main.js loads, an OG.setProduct() function call should follow to set the currently selected variant as the product on the page.
      • On Shopping Cart, Mini Cart, Order Review, One Page Checkout, and Confirmation pages, ”data-og-product” should be tagged directly with the product ID itself; no follow-up function call is necessary to set product.

  • Data Issues 
    • The product may not be eligible for subscription in Ordergroove’s database. Check product data to ensure that it is subscription-eligible.
    • The product may be marked OOS in Ordergroove’s database. Ensure that the product is in stock and marked as such in the database.

  • Cookies and Caching Issues
    • Your main.js file may be an older, cached version from Ordergroove’s CDN. Clear your browser cache and cookies. 
    • The session_ID cookie may have been set on another Ordergroove merchant’s domain, which would log that merchant’s public_ID within the cookie value.  This happens most often with multi-brand SFCC merchants, where the cookie in lower environments is set on the domain. Delete the session_ID cookie and/or open in a new incognito or private browser window.

  • Variant Issues
    • A child variant might not be selected for a multi-variant SKU.  Ensure that a child variant, not a master or parent product, has been selected.

Q: Why was a different product variant added to the Ordergroove cart?

It is possible the value for “product” is paired with a different product ID.  Verify that the proper External ID is matched to the product in your tagging/storage. 

  • The widget hasn’t been published yet
    • The widget will need to be built and saved in Ordergroove in order to persist to the frontend of your website. Log in and click Save on the widget builder to ensure it is published. 

Q: Why did a different product variant get added to the Ordergroove cart than the one I selected?

It’s likely that OG.addToCart() was passed a different product ID.  Verify that this function is being called with the intended product ID. 

Q: Why was I subscribed to a different product variant than what I selected?

OG.setProduct() needs to be called each time the customer selects a different variant.  Check that the function is executing in this way and that the correct product ID is being sent with the function call.

Q: Why is Instant Upsell showing and not a regular radio button offer? Why not both?

The Instant Upsell option appears on PDP or Quick View for customers who have logged in and have an upcoming order for a product that is eligible for Instant Upsell.  These customers still have the option to subscribe using the checkout flow from the shopping cart page.

Q: Can Instant Upsell items offer a different discount than the normal flow?

Yes — a one-time IU item can receive the same incentives as a subscription item, receive separate incentives, or receive no incentives at all. This is a custom feature that will need to be configured on the Ordergroove backend. Please contact your Ordergroove representative for more information.

Q: What’s the Instant Upsell business logic?

Instant Upsell allows customers to add items to their upcoming order, utilizing the below logic:

  • IU offers are displayed in the same container tag as checkout flow offers; instead of a checkout flow offer, an eligible customer (i.e. logged in and with an upcoming order) will see the IU button.
  • After clicking the IU button, the customer will be directed to add the item to their next upcoming order.  If the item is eligible for subscription, it can be added as a one-time item or as a subscription; if not, it will be added as a one-time item.
  • Upon adding the item, the customer will be shown a confirmation message and can optionally view the order in Subscription Manager, or continue shopping.
  • A recurring IU item will receive the same subscription program incentives (e.g. price or shipping discounts) as the order to which it was added.
  • A one-time IU item can receive the same incentives as a subscription item, receive separate incentives, or receive no incentives at all.
  • An IU item will be priced according to the latest Product Feed ingested by Ordergrooove at the time the product is added to the customer’s cart.  This price will not be locked until 10 days prior to the order placement date.
  • Instant Upsell items display as an informational popup on eligible pages for customers that are logged in and have at least one subscription.  This happens once per session, and once per 30 days. 
  • Ordergroove does not make product recommendations to promote specific products for IU.

Q: Does Ordergroove offer Instant Upsell product recommendations?

We don’t currently offer this feature. You can, however, hard-code Instant Upsell recommendations in the order reminder email — under the legal proviso, of course, that only 20% of the transactional email be used for marketing.