Provisioning Your Account

If you've signed up with Ordergroove by downloading from the app store, account provisioning will happen as you install the app and complete Ordergroove onboarding.

For non-Shopify contracted merchants, your Ordergroove partner will stay in touch about the process of provisioning your account and preparing access to our system (usually immediately after your kickoff call). The rest of this article applies to contracted merchants. 

What We Need From You To Get Started:

  • The email address where we should send your access credentials. Credentials are sent in a secure fashion so that they do not end up with an incorrect party. 
  • The IP address(es) you will be using to access our SFTP. We will add this IP address to our allowlist to grant you secure access to our SFTP, where we will place additional credentials that you will need to get up and running.

When we have the above information, we will email you a password-protected document that will contain the credentials you will need to access our SFTP. For security reasons, the password to this document will be sent in a separate email.

Once you’re able to open that document, you will use the credentials within it to log into our SFTP server, where you will find another file. This file will contain the Merchant Public ID and the Hash Key. The password for this additional file will also be emailed to you in a separate email.

  • Hash Key
    This is the confidential identification key that we use to verify your identity and authorize certain API actions.
  • Public ID
    This is the public ID number associated with your account.
  • SFTP Credentials
    You’ll use this ID and password combination to drop in product feeds and retrieve files from us securely.