Updating Your Account and Password


If you signed up to Ordergroove using Shopify SSO, please go to Shopify to update your account. 


Screen_Shot_2022-09-21_at_9.27.31_AM.pngYou may need to update your personal account information within Ordergroove.

To update this information, navigate to the My Account tab in Ordergroove in the top left menu. 


  • Personal Info
    In the Personal Info section, you can update the following fields.
    To save your new information, click the Update Info button to finalize your updates.

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • User Name
    • Email Address

  • Change Password
    In the Change Password section, you can update and confirm your new login information for Ordergroove.
    • The Ordergroove password has a minimum of ten characters and must contain three of the following: lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, digit, special character.
    • To save your new information, click the Update Password button to finalize your updates.