Ordergroove Support and Status Page

If you find yourself with any issues, the Ordergroove Support team is here to assist with anything that comes up as you start your journey into relationship commerce.
Once submitted, an Ordergroove Support Member will follow up as soon as possible.

Note: You will need access to your Ordergroove Dashboard to submit a support ticket. If you don't have access, please email and we'll help get you back in.

Status Page

Ordergroove maintains a Status Page for uptime and live system updates. You can subscribe to the Status Page to automatically get notified of any system downtime:

  1. Go to Status.Ordergroove.com and click Subscribe to Updates on the top right.
  2. Select the communication method on the pop-up. We can update you by Email, Text Message, Slack, or RSS Feed. Enter your contact information and click Subscribe.
  3. All components on all eCommerce platforms are selected by default. Click Select none, then individually check off each of the components under your store's eCommerce platform. 
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button.


Requesting Support

You send in a support ticket inside your Ordergroove Admin. Once there, please click on your Profile on the top-right and Help.


Once you click this link, you will be redirected to the Ordergroove Knowledge Center.
From the Knowledge Center homepage, click on the Submit a Request link in the top right.


The Submit a Request link will take you to a form to fill out.
Please provide the required information and click Submit.


Once submitted, an Ordergroove Support Member will follow up as soon as possible.