How to backfill subscriber status

When our integration is installed, we start updating an "ordergroove_subscriber_status" on the customers profile, but we do not do a backfill. Getting an initial, accurate list of subscribers into Attentive requires a simple list upload as a segment within Attentive.


Build a Historic Ordergroove Subscriber Segment

Once set up, our integration will be labeling active and inactive subscribers going forward. There may be a situation where you'll want to bring in all your current subscribers, here's how you can bring that list of users into Attentive.

  2. Click "Create Report"
  3. Select "Subscribers", make sure "Active Subscribers" is set. 
  4. In the columns section, remove everything but email address. (See screenshot below)Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 2.40.25 PM.png
  5. Hit "Export", a csv file will be generated; download it.
  6. Head over to attentive (
  7. Create a segment at the top right, select Manually uploaded segment
  8. Give it a name like Historic Ordergroove Active Subscribers and upload the csv file from step 4.