Shopify Integration Settings Page

Merchants on Shopify have a few additional options available to tailor their recurring orders; you can access them in Ordergroove > Settings > Shopify Integration. We'll go through each of them, what they do, and an example of what your orders can look like.


Compare At Price

By default, Ordergroove will use the Product Price set in Shopify as the base product price for recurring orders. You have the ability to use the Compare At price by toggling on this feature.


If a product does not have a Compare At price set in Shopify, Ordergroove will default to the Product Price instead.

Keep in mind that Initial Order Incentive will always apply to the price a customer would pay if they were checking out normally, so if the product is already discounted Ordergroove will apply an additional discount to it on initial checkout. The Use compare at price setting only affects the base product price that Ordergroove uses on recurring subscription orders.

⚠️ Warning

Custom development and Shopify scripts can override Ordergroove’s settings. If pricing doesn’t seem to match what you expect, reach out to Ordergroove support, and we’ll take a look. Please include the products and orders to investigate.

Recurring Line Item Properties


When you enable this feature for your store, Ordergroove will automatically add the following line item properties to items on recurring orders. Take a look at Object Reference in the Ordergroove Dev Docs for a detailed description of each:

  • _ordergroove.item.type
  • _ordergroove.subscription.publicId
  • _ordergroove.subscription.extraData
  • _ordergroove.subscription.startDate
  • _ordergroove.subscription.originalOrderId
  • _ordergroove.subscription.every
  • _ordergroove.subscription.everyPeriod (DAY|WEEK|MONTH|YEAR)
  • _ordergroove.subscription.frequencyDays

Here is an example of an order that enabled line item properties: