Configuring your Shipping Settings

You can configure shipping rates and combined shipping savings through the Shipping Settings page in Ordergroove. In this article we'll go through each of the shipping settings available.

⚠️ Warning

Please review these changes carefully before saving. They control your subscription program's critical functions.

Countries to Ship To

You can select the country options that you want to make available for shipping. Your selection(s) will then be available for your customer to change their Shipping address in the Subscription Manager.


Shipping Rates


Stores on Shopify can manage recurring shipping rates in Shopify or through the Ordergroove app. To learn more about both options, please review our Shopify Shipping documentation.

Flat Rate Shipping

You can use this option to set a universal flat shipping rate for all orders.


Country Specific Shipping Rates

You can configure different shipping rates based on location so they incur the lowest possible cost when shipping. To enable this, you first need to select your ‘Countries to Ship to’ at the top of the page and save.

Note: To use country specific shipping rates, you must have flat shipping rates set up first. You will not be able to set variable shipping rates (e.g. weight-based, dynamic.) for subscriptions. This solution also does not enable you to offer different shipping method options (e.g. ground, express) for subscriptions.


Combined Shipping Savings

This feature allows you to define a specified day range where the next order closest in date will be combined with the current order at the time of the Order Reminder email.

It provides you and your subscribers an opportunity to save on shipping costs by combining two orders into one if within your specified day range from their order date.

Note: A maximum of two orders will be combined, and only if using the same shipping address and payment record. The order with the later ship date will be merged with the order with the nearer ship date.