How to backfill subscriber status

When our integration is installed, we start updating an "ordergroove_subscriber_status" on the customer's profile, but we do not do a backfill. Getting an initial, accurate list of subscribers into Klaviyo requires a simple list upload.

Step 1: Download a list of Active Subscribers from Ordergroove

  1. In Ordergroove, navigate to Data > Reports
  2. Select Create Report
  3. Select "subscriptions" from the radio list of data you want to export
  4. In the area to choose columns, make sure it contains:
    1. email address
    2. first name
    3. last name
    4. status
  5. You can show example to confirm everything is good.
  6. From there, hit export and wait for it to save.

CleanShot 2023-12-06 at 15.06.45.png

Step 2: Upload the list of Active Subscribers to Klaviyo

  1. From within Klaviyo, go to lists and segments
  2. Create a list named something like "Ordergroove Subscribers as of DATE."
  3. Select the "Upload Contacts" option
  4. Then drag or find the file you downloaded in the previous step. 
  5. There's a verification step, you shouldn't need to make any changes; just confirm the "status" has the "Klaviyo field" of ordergroove_subscriber_status.
  6. Hit import review, then start the import.

Once that is done, it will create or update your user profiles to have the ordergroove status flag for any active subscribers.