Gorgias Integration Overview

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Gorgias is a customer service platform that enhances business communication through streamlined interactions and powerful automation tools, effectively consolidating customer support processes.

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Integration features

  • Detailed Customer Information: View Ordergroove information about the customer directly within Gorgias.
  • Subscription Updates: Make instant changes to our subscriptions within Gorgias.
  • Quick customer lookups: Direct links to quickly look up the customer in Ordergroove. 

Connect Ordergroove to Gorgias

  1. Grab your API credentials from Gorgias for use in step 5 
    1. login to your Gorgias Admin
    2. Navigate to Gorgias settings, then under the YOU section, select REST API. It'll look something like this:CleanShot 2023-11-21 at 10.25.02.png
  2. Open up your Ordergroove Admin
  3. Highlight Settings on the top toolbar and click Integrations
  4. Locate Gorgias and click Manage on the right
  5. Copy your credentials from Gorgias in step 1.2 and hit ENABLE
  6. Ordergroove will take it from there, you'll see Ordergroove's widgets in Gorgias shortly.

Note: When the integration is enabled, Ordergroove data will start to show up for new tickets in Gorgias, or old tickets where an update is made.