Upgrading your Subscription Manager

In this article, we'll go over upgrading your subscription manager to the newest version. 



The latest version of the Subscription Manager makes it easier than ever to create a custom experience for your subscribers. You'll have direct access to editing source files and any new features Ordergroove releases. To learn more about the latest version, please see an overview here.

We've created a simple upgrade tool to access the latest version of the Subscription Manager. Some of your current stylings and customized copy will transfer over, and your old theme will be shown to your customers until you are ready to publish the new one.

Upgrade Your Subscription Manager

There are four short steps to update your Subscription Manager to the newest version:

Step 1: Open up Subscription Management

Log in to Ordergroove and go to Subscriptions > Management Interface. At the top of the page you'll see a purple banner, click UPGRADE NOW.


Step 2: Switch Themes

Once you click UPGRADE NOW, a message will pop up that provides an overview of features available on the latest version. Click UPGRADE to begin the migration. The page will automatically refresh, and you'll see the Theme Designer for the new Subscription Manager.

Step 3: Check Your Work

Some aspects of your styling should have transferred over, but let's make sure before you go live.

You should see a live preview of what the new theme looks like. The new Subscription Manager has a similar layout to the previous version, with a few changes to the position of controls, like "Cancel" or "Pause Subscription". This means the appearance will have some slight differences, but the experience will largely be the same for your customers.

Scroll down the page to make sure everything looks right. The preview is interactive, so you can test out any actions on the page. For basic styling changes, you can use the Styles and Copy settings panel. For advanced styling changes, please refer to this guide.

Step 4: Complete the Migration

Once you are happy with your changes, you're ready to complete the migration. Click save. The changes you made will now be live on your website. 


Your old theme is still displayed on your website until you hit SAVE.

If can't complete the migration in one sitting and exit the migration without hitting save, your progress will be lost. To preserve your changes, you'll need to export your work:

  1. Click Advanced on the top of the preview.
  2. Locate the Code Files section on the bottom left, and click Download.
  3. This will download the customized source files to your local machine as a .zip file. Hold on to these until you have the time to complete the process. When you're ready to continue the migration, repeat steps 1 and 2, then navigate to Advanced > Code Files. Click Upload and select the .zip file you previously exported. 

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