Subscription Best Practices During A Sale Period

In this article, we'll discuss subscription best practices during a sales period. The tips and advice are eCommerce platform-agnostic and applicable to all merchants.

We'll cover:

  • Understanding How Ordergroove Promotions Work
  • Initial vs Recurring Orders
  • Initial Order Incentive for Shopify Merchants
  • Subscription/Sale Best Practices
  • Leveraging Ordergroove’s Best Deal Guarantee

How Ordergroove Applies Discounts

When placing a recurring order, Ordergroove will look at the price that is sent in the product feed and apply the program-wide discount that is configured in the Promotions tab of the Ordergroove dashboard.

If a product’s price is changed, Ordergroove will receive that update in the next product sync. Customers will not be locked into any specific pricing, and all subscription orders for that product will place with the updated price.

While customers cannot be locked into specific pricing, it is possible to lock subscribers into specific promotions that are configured in the Ordergroove dashboard. You can read more about promotions in Ordergroove Promotions Page.

The Ordergroove promotion is configured to apply to recurring orders. The incentive that is applied to the initial order at checkout will be hosted downstream of Ordergroove in the merchant’s eCommerce platform.

Initial Order Incentive

Shopify merchants can leverage Ordergroove’s initial order incentive (IOI), which can be set up in the Promotions tab of Ordergroove’s dashboard along with the recurring order incentive. If configured, Ordergroove’s initial order incentive will apply to all subscription-eligible products at checkout. If any additional discounts or coupons are configured to apply at checkout, Ordergroove’s IOI will stack on top of that discount. The Ordergroove app does not have the functionality to block additional discounts at checkout.

Recommended Best Practices

We view subscribers as your most loyal customers, and always recommend that they receive the best discount available. To make sure subscribers are not receiving less of a discount than one-time customers, you can update your recurring discount in the Ordergroove dashboard to match the promotional incentive on your site.

Note: If you send a discounted price in your product feed during a sale period, Ordergroove will apply the program-wide discount on top of that price.

Ordergroove’s Best Deal Guarantee feature will allow you to offer subscribers the best price on a product within a specified lookback window and can be set up in the Ordergroove dashboard under the Promotions tab. You can read more about Best Deal Guarantee here.