Create a Test Subscription Account Without Checking Out

This article will help walk you through the process of creating a subscription in Ordergroove, without the need to check out with a subscription in your store.

Note: We only recommend this process if you are unable to checkout as normal in your test environment.



  • Must have Ordergroove installed in the theme you are testing with
  • Must have Subscription Manager configured
  • Must have a customer account created in your store (with no active subscriptions)
  • Must not be on a custom platform

Creating a subscription account

Step 1: On your website, create a new customer account using an email address that does not currently exist in Ordergroove. Fake emails will work in this scenario if needed.

Step 2: Navigate to the subscriptions section of your account in your store.

Step 3: Open developer tools on this page. This can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere, and selecting ‘Inspect’. This will open your developer tools.


Step 4: Within the developer tools, navigate to the ‘Application’ tab and select the store URL under the ‘Cookies’ section on the navigation bar.


Step 5: In the ‘Filter’ search bar shown in the screenshot above, search for og_auth and select it.

Step 6: Once og_auth is selected, the cookie value will appear below. You will need to copy/note the numbers before the first ‘|’. This will be used to link your account in Ordergroove. In this example, the value will be 7230567743808


Step 7: Navigate to Ordergroove’s admin under Data < Customers and select ‘New Subscriber’

Step 8: Fill out all fields shown. For ‘Merchant User ID’ you’ll add the value shown in the screenshot in step 6 (7230567743808). For email, make sure to add the same email address used when creating the customer account in your store.

Step 9: Now that the customer account has been created in Ordergroove, you’ll need to have the SKU or External Product ID of the product you plan to use for the test subscription and select ‘New’ under Subscriptions on the customer's account page.


Step 10: Add the SKU or External Product ID to the search bar, search for the product and select it. You’ll then select the offer you want to test with. Next you’ll need to add a new address and payment information by selecting ‘Shipping Address’ < ‘Add New Address’ and ‘Payment Info’ < ‘Add New Payment’. You can now select these as your shipping and payment info. Then you’ll save your subscription.


Step 11: Navigate back to your store and log in with the customer account you created in step 1. Confirm that you can now see an active subscription for this customer on the Subscription Manager.