Ordergroove ESP Integrations Overview

This article will give you a general overview and understanding of how to integrate your Email Service Provider (ESP) with Ordergroove. This documentation is not specific to any email provider.

We'll go through:

  • Understanding how Ordergroove’s Events function
  • Using Ordergroove’s events to integrate with your Email Service Provider
  • Enabling/Disabling email types

Note: This documentation is not applicable for Klaviyo Integrations, take a look at Klaviyo integration overview guide.


Ordergroove’s events will send based on actions that are taken by your subscribers. When a subscriber makes an update, such as creating a new subscription or canceling a subscription, we will log and send the event to the location configured for your ESP. By default, Ordergroove’s events will trigger the transactional emails that are configured in the Ordergroove dashboard.

Integrating an ESP with Ordergroove

If you would like to integrate your ESP with Ordergroove so that you can host your subscription emails outside of the Ordergroove platform, Ordergroove can make configuration updates to send out events to the desired location. From there, the merchant team will be responsible for mapping those events and creating email templates within the ESP platform.


  • Ordergroove will be unable to troubleshoot issues within your ESP platform.
  • An ESP integration will require scoping and possible additional fees.

Event and Email Types

Event/Email types can be disabled at your request by the Ordergroove team. To see a list of all emails/event types, take a look at Transactional Program Emails. Ordergroove will not be able to trigger any additional email/event types.

If you are interested in integrating with an ESP other than Klaviyo, please contact your Ordergroove representative or send support an email.

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