Enrollment Rate FAQ

Your Enrollment Rate tracks the percentage of checkouts that include subscription products, compared to the total number of customer checkouts. It’s important to track Enrollment Rate because it’s the most indicative measurement of new subscribers to your program.

We encourage you to keep a close eye on Enrollment Rate and the direction it's trending; If you’re not tracking the percentage of people being added into your subscription program, how do you know if your campaigns and acquisition efforts were successful?



What is the Enrollment Rate?

Your Enrollment Rate is the percentage (%) of purchases that are subscriptions, compared to total purchases, over a set time frame. You can track Enrollment rate at the Subscription or Subscriber level:

  • Subscription Enrollment rate = # of subscription checkouts on a subscription eligible product / # of all checkouts (one time + subscription) on a subscription eligible product
  • Subscriber Enrollment rate = # of subscriber daily session checkouts on a subscription-eligible product / # of all session checkouts on a subscription-eligible product

Why is Enrollment Rate so tough to track?

Ordergroove needs both your subscription purchases and one-time purchases to calculate Enrollment Rate. The problem is that Ordergroove can only reliably track subscription purchases or mixed-cart purchases with at least one subscription. 

Checkouts that only contain one-time items are handled by your eCommerce platform, and out of the box, many platforms don't share this data with Ordergroove.

How can I get a clearer picture of my Enrollment Rate?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, and we'll set up a call to discuss how we can import in one-time purchase information. To help speed things along, please bring:

  • A technical resource from your team, someone who’s experienced with our API
  • A CSV spreadsheet of a couple of one-time purchase checkouts. We can use a few sample rows of data for one-time checkouts to troubleshoot against our system.