Troubleshooting Promotions

Ordergroove's platform offers several different promotion options that you can configure for your program. If one of your promotions is not working as expected, this article can help to troubleshoot common issues.

Why is my offer copy not showing the correct promotion?

If you have modified your promotions in Ordergroove, such as changing the discount amount, but your enrollment offer is showing something different to your customers, follow the below steps to ensure it is displaying the updated promotion correctly.

  1. Open up Ordergroove, go to Subscriptions > Enrollment page, and open the offer in question.
  2. The Basic Editor will load, scroll down and expand the Copy section.
  3. Check that the Subscription sub copy isn’t displaying a hard-coded value for the discount percentage. 
    • It should look like the below with the value ‘{{ogIncentive DiscountPercent}}’. This value will automatically pull in whatever recurring discount you have set up in Ordergroove.image1.png
  4. Switch to the Advanced Editor, this is what the line of code should look like:
    • <og-incentive-text from="DiscountPercent"></og-incentive-text>

Advanced Promotions

You have the ability to control dollar or percentage off discounts in Ordergroove, but we also offer additional promotions that cannot be configured via self-service tools. These advanced promotions only apply to recurring orders and will require setup by Ordergroove.

If you see this warning in Ordergroove and your advanced promotion is not working as expected, please contact Ordergroove support to troubleshoot or make any changes.



Initial Order Incentive (IOI)

Note: Initial Order Incentives can only be managed from Ordergroove by Shopify merchants using Shopify Payments. If you are on a different platform, you will manage your IOI within your eCommerce discounting platform.

To learn more about how to configure IOI, take a look at the Setting Up an Initial Offer Incentive (IOI) article.

If you have configured an IOI on Shopify and it’s not working correctly, please submit a support ticket.

Selling Plans

Once a customer adds a subscription product and goes to their cart or checkout page, the subscription promotion and copy they see will be coming directly from Shopify. Because of this, we are unable to adjust copy/how promotions are presented.

Shopify calls this a selling plan. Selling plans represent how products can be sold and purchased. For example, a product can be configured to enable it to be billed and delivered on a monthly basis at a 15% discount.


Selling plans describe both Initial Order Incentive (IOI) and Recurring Order Incentive (ROI) by default. Here are a few examples:

  • Delivered every 2 months.
  • Delivered every 2 months and get 5% off today.
  • Delivered every 2 months and get 10% off future orders.
  • Delivered every 2 months. Get 5% off today and 10% off future orders.
  • Delivered every 2 months. Get 8% off today and all future orders.