Setting Default Frequencies Per-Product

All of your subscription eligible products have the same default frequency - the 'Delivers every X days' frequency that loads when a customer opens your product page. You can modify the default frequency for an individual product, or products, by modifying a product configuration file and uploading it to Ordergroove. 


Download The Product Configuration File

Changing default to subscription and default frequency on a per-product level requires a Product Configuration File csv spreadsheet. We can download it right from Ordergroove:

  1. Log in to Ordergroove.
  2. Go to Data > Products > Advanced Settings.
  3. Click Download next to Step 1.
  4. Your browser will download the Product Configuration File, open it up when it finishes.

Configuring a Product’s Default Frequency


If you’d like to offer default frequencies for specific products, you’ll be able to configure your subscription offer to do so on a per-product basis.

In the Product Configuration File, update the Every and Every_Period columns (columns J and K). If these fields are left blank, the program-wide default frequency will display.


Upload The Product Configuration File

When you're finished making changes, you'll need to upload the updated Product Configuration File back into Ordergroove.

  1. Log in to Ordergroove.
  2. Go to Data > Products > Advanced Settings.
  3. Click Upload a File next to Step 3.
  4. Locate and Upload the modified CSV spreadsheet.



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