Troubleshooting The Subscription Manager

The Subscription Manager is where a customer can interact with their subscriptions. If your Subscription Manager is not working as expected, this article will help you troubleshoot and get this page to function as intended.

Note: These instructions require some technical knowledge to complete. We recommend troubleshooting to be followed by a developer or software engineer.

Why isn't the Subscription Manager loading?

If your Subscription Manager isn't loading, there are 3 common issues we see that could cause the issue:

You are missing og-msi div and/or msi.js tagging on the Subscription Manager page

  • For the correct tagging, please review our documentation.
  • Note: If you are integrating Ordergroove into a Shopify store, the Shopify App requires snippets to be added to your theme. Learn more about Shopify snippets.

The value of the og_auth cookie is missing or incorrect

  • You'll need to create an authentication page for Ordergroove to retrieve a cookie containing elements to validate that a user is logged into your site securely.
  • Review the Tagging and Authentication Documentation to learn how to create a signature and set it as a secure cookie.
  • To find the og_auth cookie, first inspect the page, navigate to Applications, select Cookies and filter “og_auth”.
  • Your cookie structure should look like the below:
    • merchant_user_id|epoch timestamp|signature
    • This is created using the customer’s unique account number in your system, a timestamp, and an Ordergroove-provided cryptographic key form HMAC authentication. This cookie is generated by the merchant and not OG.
  • Confirm you are using the correct hash key for the correct environment.
  • Make sure the cookie is not URL encoded.

Verify your authorization is both valid and not expired

You can use the HMAC Signature Tool to validate your signature.

Why am I getting a 404 error for the main.js file script?

Verify that the tag is using the correct merchant ID. If the ID is correct, your development team probably undertook page tagging work before your account was provisioned by Ordergroove. Reach out to your Solutions specialist to verify that the main.js file has been published.

Why am I seeing errors in my console?

GET request errors for Ordergroove’s APIs accompanied by an ‘unhandled rejection’ stating “The user is not authenticated or hasn’t subscribed to any products yet” is expected for customers who have an active account on your site, but have not checked out. Ordergroove cannot authenticate the user on our database.

Why aren't my product images loading in Ordergroove-hosted content?

You have synced your product feed with Ordergroove, but product images are not rendering on Ordergroove-hosted content — now what?

  • If leveraging a new environment, check that URLs are set up within your eCommerce platform.
  • Sync a Product Feed to Ordergroove, and check the outgoing folder of the SFTP to view the <image_url> exported within the Product Feed.
    • Note: OG processes product feeds every 30 minutes. This process begins on the half-hour across our clients; please allow up to 30 minutes regardless of the time you provide the file.
  • Ensure that the product images are HTTPS
  • Ensure you do not have any spaces inside your URL structure.
    • If you have spaces, you will need to remove the space from the image URL.
  • When navigating between environments, ensure you are exporting the correct Product Feed data to OG.
  • If you have updated an image URL, and you noticed it has not been updated on Ordergroove’s database:
    • The Product Feed ingestion may not have run on OG’s database.

You may need to sync your Product Feed from your eCommerce platform manually.

Why Am I Getting This Pop-Up Error After I Click ‘Send Email’?

If you are on Shopify, it means you do not have a valid payment associated with that customer’s account. This error is common during testing. This is because we tokenize payment after the initial checkout on Shopify.