Troubleshooting Big Commerce Subscription Creation

This article is intended for merchants utilizing Ordergroove's Big Commerce app 2.0. After reading this article, you will be able to troubleshoot why subscriptions were not created in Ordergroove after checking out with a subscription in your Big Commerce store.


Platform Requirements

Note: If you've installed Ordergroove from the Big Commerce app store, you're using the Ordergroove Big Commerce App 2.0. If you're unsure, please reach out to support and we'll confirm what version you're using.

Add Payment Gateway

When testing subscription creation, you’ll need to ensure that a payment gateway has been set up for your store. Initial subscription orders created using a Test Payment Gateway will fail in creating a subscription in Ordergroove. Some common gateway options our merchants select are Stripe and Braintree.

Once a payment gateway has been added to your store, you will also need to ensure that the stored credit card option is enabled in your store settings. You can find this in BigC under Settings > Payment Methods > (payment gateway) Settings > Enable Stored Credit Cards.


Product Modifiers

When you download the Ordergroove app, a shared modifier labeled ‘Ships Every’ is created. This shared modifier must remain as-is, and must be added to subscription-eligible products for Ordergroove to function properly.

Please check that the display name is Ships Every and that the Required checkbox is unchecked. You can find your product modifiers in Big Commerce under Products > Product Options > Shared Modifiers.


You’ll also want to ensure this modifier is listed on your test order, as shown below.


Payment at Checkout

Currently, virtual wallets and delayed/flexible payment methods such as Paypal, Apple Wallet, Klarna, etc, are not compatible with our app. Customers must use a CC when creating a subscription in order for the subscription to be created in Ordergroove. In your testing, please make sure you are using a CC as well

Subscription Validation Settings

For merchants that sell subscriptions internationally, you will need to ensure that the Ordergroove Subscription Validation settings match the customer requirements in your Big Commerce store.

For example, if your store allows for international shipping to England, you may not need to require customers to add a state to their shipping address at checkout. You’ll want to ensure your subscription validation settings in Ordergroove also do not require a state to exist in the shipping address field. 

To configure or validate your settings, please reach out to your Solutions Consultant.