Subscriber Level Reports

Ordergroove has a number of reports available for you to view and export data. Subscriber Level Reports provide a list of active subscribers in your program with associated details. They contain details such as subscriber name, email as well as an overview of their subscription counts and products. In this article, we'll go over where you access the reports, what types of reports are available, and what data is included.


Accessing the Subscriber Reports

The Subscriber reports available for export through your Ordergroove Admin produce .csv downloadable files. Each line details an active subscriber.

  • Each row is a unique subscriber identified by the "Merchant User ID" field. 
  • Templated Reports give you access to pre-filtered reports to export. 

Ordergroove offers the following prebuilt report templates:

Active Subscribers

The Active Subscribers report contains all customers that have at least one active subscription.

New Subscribers

The New Subscribers report contains all customers who sign up for a subscription in a time-frame you choose.

Inactive Subscribers

Provides a list of all inactive subscribers. Inactive is defined as any subscriber that has all of their prior active subscriptions cancelled.

Data field definitions

The Subscription CSV report itself presents a row for each subscriber, along with relevant data. 

  • First Name: Subscriber’s first name.
  • Last Name: Subscriber’s last name.
  • Email Address: Subscriber’s email.
  • Merchant User ID: Subscriber ID in both your system and the Ordergroove system (for use when searching for subscribers in the Customers section of Ordergroove)
  • OG User ID: Subscriber ID in the Ordergroove system.
  • Total Active Subscriptions: The total number of active subscriptions the customer currently has.
  • Total Inactive Subscriptions: The total number of inactive subscriptions the customer currently has.
  • First Subscription Time: The date of the first subscription the customer signed up for.
  • Products: A list of products the customer is currently subscribed to.