Churn Buster

Churn Buster is a customer retention software for eCommerce companies that works in conjunction with Ordergroove. Boost subscriber LTV and reduce churn with a process used by top subscription eCommerce brands.

How Churn Buster Benefits You

Churn Buster offers advanced Cancel Flows and Dunning - the process of recovering failed payments. The dunning tool creates campaigns for failed payments that include:

  • Retries
  • Emails (payment notifiers such as ‘update card’, and ‘last chance offers’)
  • SMS
  • Alerts on high-value transactions
  • Dashboards on recovery data and campaign metrics
  • Manual data support available to pro accounts for A/B testing and cohort analyses

How Does The Integration Work?

Ordergroove sends pings to Churn Buster via our API, and Churn Buster takes appropriate action like spinning up a campaign or sending out email alerts.

  1. Churn Buster listens for webhook events sent from Ordergroove. When a payment fails they will kick off a campaign to send emails and track recovery data.
  2. All order retries are triggered by Ordergroove on a custom cadence dictated in OG merchant settings.
  3. A campaign stops at the end of its natural cycle or earlier if the payment succeeds or the subscription is canceled, paused, or skipped.

The integration is one-directional. Churn Buster never sends requests to Ordergroove.

Churn Buster FAQ

Where and how are retries happening?

All retries are triggered by Ordergroove. Take a look at Churn Buster's Help Center for retry best practices including number of days between retries and max number of retries.

Retry period and max number of retries are set in Ordergroove internally, please reach out to support and we'll be happy to set it for you.

Why is there a difference in Churn Buster and Ordergroove's metrics?

Our platforms use different data definitions to report on recovery rates. Churn Buster does some cleanup to remove subscriptions with a minimal chance of recapture from their recovery rates.

Ordergroove does not do this automatically. A subscription will continue to generate new orders if previous order retries are unsuccessful, and these subsequent orders will continue to be retried and ultimately be rejected until the customer takes action to update their payment. Reach out to support if you want to manually Purge Disengaged Subscriptions.

What webhook events are sent to Churn Buster?

All Ordergroove webhook events are sent to Churn Buster. 

Getting Started

Take a look at Churn Buster's Help Docs for an onboarding guide. If you have any questions about the Ordergroove side, our API or Webhooks, please reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help.



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