Upgrading from Ordergroove's legacy Klaviyo Integration to the New Integration

Ordergroove has recently released an updated, revamped version of our Klaviyo integration using Klaviyo's current APIs. Klaviyo is going to deprecate their previous APIs, storeowners will need to migrate to our new Klaviyo integration before then to continue using the platform.


Check your integration version

There are currently two versions of Ordergroove's integration with Klaviyo; legacy will stop functioning when Klaviyo deprecates the old APIs.

Not sure which integration you are using? If you have any flows that are using metrics called "OG [Event Name]", those are from the legacy integration. Metrics that follow "ordergroove.[event name]" are from the new integration. 

Please note that it's possible to have both integrations sending data into your Klaviyo account, and you may have some flows set up with the legacy metrics and others that use the new metrics.

Step 1 - Install the new Klaviyo Integration

Install the new Klaviyo integration and add your unique Klaviyo API key to the Ordergroove integration. We go through the steps and permissions necessary in Klaviyo integration overview.

Step 2 - Update your Flows

Follow the steps below to update any flows that use metrics from the legacy Klaviyo integration. Each legacy flow needs to be cloned, and have the variables updated. 

Clone the flow

You can't update a flow's trigger after it's created, so we have to clone the flow before we update it.

  1. Log in to Klaviyo.
  2. Go to Flows, locate the flow you want to update, click the 3 dots menu over to the right, and select Clone.
  3. Give your cloned flow a name, and select an appropriate trigger.
    • Note: You currently have both legacy and new installed, so you will see two similarly named triggers. Here's one example: OG Order Reminder and ordergroove.order.reminder. Select the trigger that starts with ordergroove. - these are the new triggers in the new Klaviyo integratoin.
  4.  Click Clone Flow.

Update the variables

With your flow cloned, now we need to update the variables.

  1. Open up the cloned flow.
  2. Select the first email or SMS message and click Edit.
  3. Each of the variables needs to get replaced - anything between curly brackets {{ }}. To view the new variables, click Preview & test. Scroll down in the sidebar to view all of the new variables. Take a look at the image below for an example.
  4. Click Preview and test to double-check that the variables display correctly. If everything looks correct hit Save.
  5. Open up and edit the remaining Email and SMS messages to replace the variables.


Step 3 - Disable Legacy Klaviyo

When you have the new Klaviyo integration installed and your flows converted over to the new events, the last step is to let Ordergroove know.

Reach out to your Success Manager or send us an email, and we'll disable the legacy Klaviyo integration. If you leave both active, your customers will receive a second duplicate email for every flow they trigger.

Additional Support

If you have any questions or want a second set of eyes on your work, please reach out to your Success Manager or Ordergroove support and we'll be happy to help.