Subscription Manager Components & Containers

This article is an overview of the liquid file structure of the Subscription Manager and where components and containers can be modified or restyled. We discuss the high-level overview of the Subscription Manager that can be seen Out of the box (OOTB.)

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Subscription Manager Wrapper

The entire Subscription Manager is wrapped in a Container and can be found in: Views > main.liquid

Within this container, there are three distinct sections.

Order Processing
Upcoming Orders
Inactive Subscriptions


Orders Processing 

Views > orders-processing.liquid

This section appears when a customer's order is being processed. 

Order Processing Section - More Details


Upcoming Orders Section

Views > orders-unsent.liquid
Views > order-unsent.liquid

(depending on the specific version of your Subscription Manager, this could be found in orders-unsent.liquid)

This section shows the upcoming orders for the customer. 

Unsent Order Section - More Details


Inactive Subscriptions 

Views > inactive-subscriptions.liquid

This section contains all inactive subscriptions for a customer. 

Inactive Subscriptions Section - More Details