Setting up transactional messages in Klaviyo

With the Klaviyo integration, Ordergroove can send customer and event data over to Klaviyo for you to use in transactional emails. Transactional emails are delivered to everyone, even unsubscribed emails, so some additional thought and steps are needed to ensure you don't send multiple emails for the same transaction.

Step 1 - Create a flow from scratch, selecting "Metric" as the trigger. 

The first step is to build out your desired transactional flows and test them within Klaviyo. Here are the events and data we send to Klaviyo.

The metric you select depends on the email you want to replace. Here's a list of Ordergroove emails and the Klaviyo metric counterpart.

Ordergroove Email Klaviyo Metric
Order Reminder ordergroove.order.reminder
Order Placed ordergroove.order.success
Single Subscription Started ordergroove.subscription.create
Bulk Subscription Started ordergroove.subscriber.subscriptions_created
Subscription Canceled by Customer ordergroove.subscription.cancel where cancel_reason does not equal item discontinued
Subscription Canceled - Item Discontinued ordergroove.subscription.cancel where cancel_reason equals item discontinued
Subscription Reactivated ordergroove.subscription.reactivate
Credit Card Expiration Warning ordergroove.order.credit_card_expiration_warning
Discontinued Product Swapped with Replacement ordergroove.subscription.sku_swap
Item Out of Stock - Day 1 ordergroove.item.out_of_stock where days_since_first_attempt = 1
Item Out of Stock - Day 15 ordergroove.item.out_of_stock where days_since_first_attempt = 15
Item Out of Stock - Day 30 ordergroove.item.out_of_stock where days_since_first_attempt = 30
Order Not Placed - CC Expired ordergroove.order.reject where rejected_code is in 500,120
Order Not Placed - CC Issue ordergroove.order.reject where rejected_code is in 110,140,100,130,160
Order Not Placed - Generic Issue ordergroove.order.reject where rejected_code is not set or not in 500,120,110,140,100,130,160


Here's a step-by-step guide to building out Order Reminder emails within Klaviyo.


Step 2 - Reach out to Klaviyo

Once you have built out the transactional flows over in Klaviyo, you'll want to reach out to Klaviyo to have them approve the flows and set them up so they are always delivered. Take a look at How to use flows to send transactional emails in Klaviyo's documentation to get started.


Step 3 - Disable notifications in Ordergroove

After Klaviyo approves the transactional flows, If you are using Ordergroove's default emails from SendGrid, you'll want to tell us to turn those default emails off before you mark the Klaviyo flows live. Let Ordergroove know which emails we should turn off.


Step 4 - Mark the flow as live within Klaviyo