Setting up to Migrate to Shopify Payments

In order to migrate your subscriptions, your existing Stripe account will need to be added as a secondary gateway to your Shopify store. 

To do so, follow this simple process:

  1. Go to the following URL in your shopify store: {SHOP_URL}/admin/payments/legacy_subscription
  2. You will be redirected to Stripe to initiate the connection process.
  3. Once successful, you will be redirected to the payment settings page and notified that connection was successful.

Note: You must use the same Stripe account your existing tokens are associated with — you can not use a new account.
Stripe may require that you disable any connections to other non-Shopify platforms before connecting to the account.


Q: Is Stripe used as a secondary gateway through the migration only or for the life of the customer’s subscription?

Stripe will be used as a secondary gateway until the payment method associated with the customer’s subscription expires, at which time the buyer will reenter their payment information and the payment method will start going directly through Shopify Payments. Once all customer subscriptions have been migrated to Shopify Payments in this way, the secondary gateway can be removed from your Shopify account.

Q: Can customers see Stripe as a payment method when Stripe is set up as a secondary gateway?

Checkout doesn't interact with customer payment methods, so Stripe as a secondary gateway has no impact on the checkout experience. Customers can change their credit cards through the Update Card flow, which looks identical to updating your card within Shopify Payments. 

Q: Is there any advantage to having Stripe as a secondary payment gateway besides its necessity in the migration process?

Utilizing Stripe as a secondary payment gateway will let you move your subscriptions into Shopify today, and future orders will be refundable in Shopify instead of going into another payment system.

Q: Will migrated subscribers still get charged through the merchant’s current Stripe account, but will the charge then go through Shopify Payments? 

Cards are vaulted in Shopify. The payments for Shopify Payments are charged through Stripe using a custom version of Stripe Connect.

Q: When using Stripe as the secondary gateway, is there any impact on the number of credit cards stored for each customer?

No, the gateway should have no impact on the number of stored cards.

Q: How do I know that I am connected to the right Stripe account?

You can go to Stripe and under the Account Details section, you should be able to see your Stripe account number. That should match the value that you see on Shopify once you connect the accounts. 
If it does not, you'll need to correct that by following the instructions found here.