Tagging the Subscriber Dashboard on Shopify

Ordergroove attempts to automatically add the Subscriber Dashboard to your site when you install the app. If our automated Subscriber Dashboard tagging process did not work for your theme, you can update it manually.


Before you start

Ordergroove's enrollment offer may not appear correctly if there are code snippets from other subscription programs present. To prevent this issue, please ensure that your theme is clean of other code snippets before installation.

Note: Some aspects of this article may require technical expertise with coding languages.

If you do not currently have someone on staff or contract that can provide that level of technical assistance, Ordergroove suggests seeking out that level of support before attempting to add or alter any working code relating to your subscriptions or storefront.

Install the Subscriber Dashboard code

  1. Open the theme code editor on Shopify.
  2. Find the file for the accounts page (the most common file is customers/account.liquid).
  3. Add the following line of code to your customer account page:
{%- render 'ordergroove_subscription_interface_link' -%}

Here is an example in the Debut theme's customer/account.liquid:


This line of code will create a button that will take the user to the Subscription Management Interface. You can move that line of code to change where the button is placed on this page.



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