Tracking Affiliate Codes on Recurring Orders

Brands and retailers can track affiliate codes (and other similar data) on recurring orders by referencing the initial order that created the subscription.

Step 1: Subscribe to Ordergroove Webhooks

  • Navigate to the Webhooks section of Ordergroove.
  • Enable the toggle by clicking it to ON.
  • In the URL field, enter the endpoint where you wish for all events to be sent.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Once saved, a verification key will populate in the Verification Key field.
  • Click the Copy button to automatically copy the key to your clipboard. 

Step 2: Listen for the item.successfully_placed event

  • This event will fire for each item successfully placed with a recurring order.
  • Retrieve the JSON subscription ID that created the item.


Step 3: Call Subscriptions-Retrieve REST API

  • Using the subscription ID from the previous step as the URL parameter in the request
  • Retrieve the merchant_order_id that created the subscription


Step 4: Retrieve relevant affiliate data

  • Use the order ID from the previous step to retrieve the relevant affiliate data from your e-commerce platform.



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