Launching Quickly in Ordergroove

Note: This article assumes you're using one of our e-commerce integrations on either Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, or Magento.

What else do you have going on?

Often your Ordergroove integration is not the only big project you have going on. Here are other projects we often see that can impact the speed with which clients can end up launching.

  • Launching your store for the first time
  • Changing e-commerce platforms
  • Changing your payment gateway
  • Migrating from an existing subscription program platform
  • Undergoing a complete site re-design

Sometimes these projects will impact your Ordergroove integration directly because of technical or data dependencies. No matter what, your integration will be competing for the time and resources occupied with these other projects.
There is not much to be done here except be aware of this impact. That way you'll be able to set realistic launch expectations and make sure you're as efficient as possible getting set up.

What will your customer's subscription experience be?

This is where we can help. There is a lot you can do with the Ordergroove platform — not all of it must be set up before launch. The goal of the rest of this article will be a set of suggestions on what we think is the minimum you do before launch and what you might want to push post-launch.

Minimum To-Do

This is a helpful question to ask yourself before you do more than the minimum: is this worth the subscribers I won't sign up in the added time that this process takes?

Install Ordergroove on your store

  • Send us your products: Get your product feed generated and sent to Ordergroove at least once. This gates a lot of other work you'll want to do.
  • Get payments working: Make sure your payment gateway is set up. You can't parts of the integration without it
  • Tag enrollment: For now tag our offer only on your product details page. You'll need this for testing and designing

Configure your program in Ordergroove

  • If required update the following settings here:
    • Subscription Settings
      • Program Name
      • MSI URL
      • Auth URL
      • Auth Type
      • Available Frequencies
  • Check the copy in your enrollment offer here and your upsell offer here.
    • The copy and styling can be updated with low impact post-launch. It's only necessary to make updates if there are major inconsistencies with your planned marketing and/or branding.
  • Add your store's name in the email editor here.
    • The default copy is generic but effective. As many of these emails won't go out to anyone until weeks after you've launched so you can easily postpone updating the design and copy.
  • Set your recurring subscription and shipping discounts (if any) here.
    • If you've purchased advanced promotions setting these up should also be pushed to post-launch if possible.
  • Setup product eligibility here.
    • If you're unsure about any products - skip it and come back after you've launched.
  • If necessary update your order placement settings here.
  • Set your default shipping rates and ship-to countries here.
  • Ensure that there required fields here match those of your e-commerce store's checkout.

Test your store

  • Go to the product details page of a product you made eligible for subscriptions
    • Do you see the offer?
    • Are the right frequency options showing?
    • Can you opt-in and add it to your cart?
  • Checkout
  • Go to the Subscription Manager in your account area
    • Does the subscription show?
  • Click the 'Send Now' button
  • In the next 30 minutes, the following should happen:
    • You get a subscription started email
    • The order places successfully into your e-commerce system
    • The next order shows up in the Subscription Manager