Migration Issues FAQ

Q: I can't get access to my customer's payment tokens or I'm unable to decrypt them.

In most cases, customers can manage their shipping address within a popup modal in their Subscription Manager. If you are hosting shipping, the customer will be redirected from the Subscription Manager back to their address book on your website. In this scenario, you will make an API call to Ordergroove with the customer's updates.

Q: I don't know how to turn exported CSVs of data into a JSON file.

It is recommended that you use an engineer or someone with technical skills to create the migration file from whatever data sources you're using. 

Q: The subscription and subscriber data I got from my subscription platform does not provide the matching customer ID from my e-commerce system.

These are the options we've seen work:

  • APIs: If you got your data from a file export it may be possible that the APIs with your current platform return this information.
  • Email match: If you export all the customers from your e-commerce system with their e-commerce customer ID and email you should be able to match this up with the emails on your subscription platform
  • Customer support: In rare cases, you'll have to contact the support team for your current subscription platform to retrieve this information

Q: I can't find the next order date for my subscriptions.

Very often you will have to find this data by looking in your system at the orders for the subscription. This can usually be done via data exports or APIs. In rare cases, it may be feasible to calculate this using other data however it is not advised as the customer may have made one-off changes to the order.

Q: I don't see any setting for Paused subscriptions.

Paused subscriptions are stored in our system as canceled. Set subscription 'status' to false.


Q: I don't know how to access my SFTP folder.

If you don't already have your username and password please create a ticket here.
If you've not used an SFTP tool before you will need to download an SFTP client that works with your operating system or use the command line or terminal.

To learn more about using SFTP, click here.