Migrating Your Existing Subscription Program: Read Me First

When migrating your subscription program:

  • You'll go live with Ordergroove and remove your old program before you migrate your subscribers
  • Technical resources (eg developer) will be required at some point during the process
  • You can and should run validations early and often
  • You will likely have to fix/clean some of your data 
  • The best place to get answers is this knowledge base

Q: When should I start preparing for the migration?

Start preparing asap - make sure you have all of the data you need and test it with our tools to ensure you're ready for the real thing.

Q: When do I do the live migration?

You will need to complete the rest of your integration before you migrate your data.  After you've turned on your Ordergroove program and removed your old subscription platform - you will do the data migration.

Q: What data do I migrate?

Along with data about the subscription itself (eg product, frequency, etc.) you'll also need the shipping address, payment token, general customer information.  For more information check out this article on the migration file.

Q: Where do I get this data?

Usually, you can get all the data directly from your existing subscription platform however sometimes you may also have to use your e-commerce platform and/or payment gateway.

Q: How do I give you the data?

You'll need to create a migration file that you'll upload using this tool in Ordergroove.  It is recommended that you enlist the help of engineering or other technical resources for this. 
As a ReCharge migration, we have automated most of this process for you. You can use this tool (ReCharge Export tab) in Ordergroove to transform the raw data exports (only from the Ordergroove export tool) into an Ordergroove migration file.

You will however be required to make any edits to this file that may be necessary for the initial migration and/or fixing errors.

Q: Can you get the data for me?

Unfortunately, we're not able to extract the data for you however you should find all the information you need in this Knowledge Center. If you're stuck feel free to open a ticket with us, however, it is often more effective to first contact your current platform as they'll have more resources and information around how to get the data for you.

Q: How long will the whole process take?

The migration itself consists of three major components:

  • Testing: The length of this process depends on your ability to access your data and its quality.  It can take one day or months — we recommend starting as soon as possible as it will quickly become clear how much work there is for you.
  • Live Migration: This happens on migration day and is when your data goes through the real migration process for the first time. During the process some subscriptions may encounter errors for one reason or another — these subscriptions will be removed from the queue for you to fix. All other subscriptions will continue to be migrated.
  • Error Handling: If you've done the first step and already handled most of those issues this should be a small percent of records. After the first run, you'll have a file with all the original data from the records that failed along with the error reason. You can edit this file directly and re-upload it to try again as often as necessary. 

Q: How much downtime will I have?

We can break this down into two areas:

  • Subscription Enrollment: No downtime! You'll take down your existing program and immediately turn on Ordergroove - before the migration starts.
  • Subscription Management: Use this calculator to estimate. Subscribers yet to get through the migration will not be able to manage their existing subscriptions during this time.

Q: Can I import some data now and update the rest later?

At the moment we do not have a bulk data update tool. In order to do so, you would need to leverage our REST APIs. Depending on why you need this, the API solution might be more work than it's worth.