Can I Integrate A New ESP Using Webhooks?

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible within Ordergroove. To understand the reasons why, we are happy to speak to the background processes that Ordergroove utilizes.

  • Not all of our emails are based on events — as per the table below — and are instead scheduled emails.
  • Our webhook notifications provide only high-level info and resource IDs for events, whereas our emails require extensive datasets joined from multiple resources.
  • The work to overcome the above makes building an ESP integration in this manner not viable as an option.

In building webhooks, the ability to integrate a new ESP was not in the intended design. Ordergroove's webhooks are intended to proactively inform external applications of events and/or data changes in our system.  Uses cases for such a product have been:

  • Expiring subscriptions
  • External order retry logic
 Ordergroove Email Webhook Event
AI Churn N/A - scheduled
Single Subscription Started subscription.create
Bulk Subscription Started N/A - scheduled
Item Out Of Stock - Day 1 order.create
Item Out Of Stock - Day 15 N/A - scheduled
Item Out Of Stock - Day 30 N/A - scheduled
Discontinued Product Swapped With Replacement subscription.sku_swap
Order Reminder N/A - scheduled
Order Placed order.success
CC Expiration Warning N/A - scheduled
Order Not Placed - CC Expired order.reject
Order Not Placed - CC Issue order.reject
Order Not Placed - Generic Issue order.generic_error
Subscription Canceled By Customer subscription.cancel
Subscription Canceled - Item Discontinued subscription.cancel
Subscription Reactivated subscription.reactivate




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