Configuring Your SFTP Settings

Note: SFTP settings only applies to contracted, non-Shopify merchants.


Secure File Transfer Protocol — or SFTP — is a secure way of sending and receiving data. This is a critical piece of any Ordergroove integration, and it's used for syncing your product inventory, migrating existing subscriptions, receiving reports, etc. 

How To Access

You will need to have an SFTP app and ensure your static IP address is added to Ordergroove’s allowlist. To add your IP, please submit a Support Ticket.  Note, Ordergroove does not support personal IP addresses due to their tendency to change.  We will require your company IP(s) to be in the allowed IPs list, and your device will need to be connected to the company network to access the SFTP.  Ordergroove will provide you the unique username and password credentials needed to connect to our SFTP.

  • Server Names
    There are two SFTP servers that Ordergroove utilizes:
    • Production: sftp://<username>
    • Staging: sftp://<username>

      NOTE: Not all merchants will need access to the staging server.

  • Post
    Using an allowed IP, users can drop files to Ordergroove in the SFTP. For those conducting a migration of existing subscribers, the Ordergroove team will set up a subscription_import folder to provide an access point for XML files.

  • Folders
    There are two main folders that are used: Incoming and outgoing.
    • The incoming folder is used for any files you want to send to Ordergroove, such as the daily product feed.
    • The outgoing folder is where Ordergroove sends you files and reports.
  • Hash key
    Ordergroove will add your staging and production hash key to the outgoing folder of the SFTP. Due to the sensitive nature of the hash key, it should only be shared via the SFTP.

File deletion

Files that have not been accessed for 30 days will be deleted.